Atelier Cph
Atelier Cph


Atelier Cph is a Copenhagen based design studio established in 2012 by trend forecaster Sara Ingemann and art director Mandy Rep. Atelier Cph is a space for artistic expression and creative development. Over the years, we have worked for various fashion, design and lifestyle brands. Passionate about detail, we believe in quality and long lasting design, shaping a new and personal brand experience. With a broad range of expertise, we strive to apply our multi-disciplinary and innovative approach to finding new and unique design solutions.

graphic design

We specialise in visual communication and create brand identities with strong individual signatures. Our work includes logo design, branding, web design and packaging. Here we focus on finding the right typography and visual expression for each project.

art direction

We translate ideas into visual content for various mediums, and are experts in creating concepts and moods that fit the audience, platform and brand. For photoshoots, we plan, direct, scout locations and models, and work closely with photographers and post-production to ensure a high quality.

spatial design

We design both permanent and pop-up spaces for homes, restaurants, events and fairs. Our bespoke design process begins with in-depth research, and spans from concept development to technical drawing and interior design and styling. We believe in a holistic design approach and like to combine our different skills in this process.

research and trend forecasting

Understanding new movements and trends are essential for brands when launching a new collection or service. With many years of experience we can assure to give in-depth knowledge about colours, materials, and micro and macro trends.


Our styling approach combines our conceptual aesthetics with the brand’s identity for different fields such as fashion, interior and lifestyle. We take care of finding props, set design, photo planning, and scouting locations and models.


We work with both established and new brands and guide them in the process of developing or revitalising their identity. We focus on how a brand can position themselves and their identity in the market, whether through total rebranding or minor refreshment of the brand’s image.

product design

Our work includes a diverse range of product designs, from stationary goods to interior objects. We are passionate about detail and we believe in quality and long lasting design. With this in mind we always try to create a timeless yet modern piece or collection and ensure that each product has its own unique identity.

art and print

Our studio is a space for artistic expression. With our vision in mind, we create prints and art work, both for our own brand as well as for our clients. We have a high focus on tactility, quality and like to experiment with new techniques, textures and materials. We are always searching for new forms of expression.